Coffee beans
Dress 2305
Sweater 32080
Sweater 23090
Shirt 23110
Blouse 23115
Shirt 23135
Dress 23150
Kimono 23160 - Dress 23305
Dress 23190
Blouse 23200
Blouse 23200
Dress 23205
Top 23225 - Trousers 23235
Dress 23245
Top 23250 - Trousers 23265
Dress 23260
Shirt 233290 - Trousers 23340
Jumpsuit 23330
Jumpsuit 23330
Dress 23335
Dress 23335
Top 23337
Jacket 23350
Jacket 23375
Jacket 23375
Top 23390
Top 23395
Top 23410 - Trousers 23055
Blouse 23415
Blouse 23425
Top 23475
Shirt 23485
Top 23490 - Shorts 23345
Top 23015
Top 23020
Top 23025 - Trousers 23370
Top 23025 - Trousers 23370
Sweater 23040 - Shorts 23345



"She has tolerance for pain but no lust for combat. She is grounded and realistic. She is successful and understands the beauty of commitment”

The brand

The brand Teoh& Lea’ s Collection is born due to the love and expertise we have for knitwear. is KNITS, and even though there is hard work and dedication behind each garment, we intentionally seek a simple image. We aren´t just interested in impeccable technical development, we want the garments to have their own “soul”, conveying an emotion, an attitude, a personality.

"Smart dressing with an easy approach”

The woman we have in mind is a sensitive woman, connected with the fashion world, who knows how to appreciate special garments and details, and who wants to feel beautiful, but without going over the top.  For our brand, attitude is very important, the way every garment is worn. A warm and natural fashion, that can be combined both for everyday wear and for special occasions, what we call a "casual chic" style.


Teoh&Lea Headquarters

C/ Galileu 303, 4th floor · Barcelona · 08028

Phone: +34 93 486 45 45


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